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Work Assignments

Since the Vista Diablo Dolphins runs on Parent Power, parent participation is necessary and mandatory. Below are brief descriptions of the Volunteer Tasks that need to be completed at Swim Meets. Each family is asked to work a minimum of 15 points.  10 of these points must come from working at dual meets or individual meets.

Points are allocated in the following ways:

Each dual meet job is 1 point

Each Stroke and Turn job is 1.5 point

Each invitational job is 1.5 point

Each social job is 1 point

Also Swim Meets by their very definition require some flexibility on our part and therefore you may be moved from one work assignment role to another or other duties may be added to your work assignment role. If you have any limitations or time restraints that present you from having your work assignment role changed, please let us know as soon as possible. 

*Please note that the number of work assignments may change slightly based on final registration numbers (i.e. more families = fewer jobs per family and vice versa). We will update these numbers once registration closes.

Below are the descriptions for each job and points allocated for each based on a dual meet.

ANNOUNCER (home meet only): 1 Point

The announcer works with the starter to call all events, announce event results (from information provided from the desk), score updates and any general announcements as required.

SET UP AND TAKE DOWN (home meet only): 1 Point

The cleanup crew is responsible for returning the Cabana Club to its original state. This includes taking down and putting away swim meet equipment, emptying garbage and straightening up restrooms.

DATA ENTRY (home meet only):  1 Point

There are two data entry individuals. The data entry people record the times for every individual in each race into our laptop computer. After all heat results are posted for an event, the recorders print the ribbon labels. The place winners are reported to the announcer and the ribbon labels are given to the ribbon writer.

DOLPHIN DINER (home meet only):  1 Point

Workers handle the selling of Dolphin Diner items and assist in the setup and clean-up. The Dolphin Diner is supervised and managed by the Dolphin Diner Board Member(s). This position requires arrival 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the meet or remaining 30 minutes after for cleanup.

HEAD TIMER:  1 Point

The head timer times each race with two stopwatches. He/she is the back-up timer in case of error by an assigned timer or failure of their stopwatch.


Lane recorders are stationed at the end of the pool where all races are completed. Recording slips are provided to record the times of each swimmer. Recording slips are then handed to the Runner.

REFEREE: 1 Point

The referee is responsible for using the whistle to bring the swimmers to the blocks and then up onto the blocks or into the water for backstroke. They work closely with the starter and also watch for false starts.


The relief worker provides breaks for timers throughout the meet.

RIBBON LABELER (home meet only): 1 Point

The ribbon labelers will place the labels on the back of ribbons for each of the place winners of each event. They will also file the ribbons in the appropriate family folder.

RUNNER: 1 :point

The runner collects the individual lane recording slips from the lane recorders at the conclusion of each race and delivers the slips to the data entry person.

SHEPHERD:  1 Point 

Shepherds are responsible for gathering the 8 & Under swimmers and lining them up for their races including relays.

STARTER (home meet only):  1  Point

The starter is responsible for starting each race. The starter works with the announcer to keep the pace of the meet moving smoothly. The starter is responsible for using the whistle to bring the swimmers to the blocks and then up onto the blocks or into the water for backstroke.

STROKE & TURN:  1.5 Points

A stroke & turn judge is provided by each team to watch all swimmers during their races to ensure proper techniques are utilized. When infractions are noted, the stroke and turn judge has the authority to disqualify a swimmer for that event.

TIMER: 1 Point

Timers are provided stop watches to time the swim races. Three timers are assigned to each lane. Timers report their times to their respective lane recorder or record times on individual sheets.

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