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As a nonprofit group, the Vista Diablo Dolphins rely on parent power to support the swim team. It takes many people to run a swim meet and most of the jobs are easy to learn and perform. Every family is required to get involved with swim meets, volunteer positions and fundraising events. We ask each family to:

  • Work a minimum of swim meet and social jobs adding up to 15 points*
  • A minimum of 10  points should come from working at dual meets or invitationals
  • Participate in fundraising activities. Each family is asked to fundraise or contribute $260 ($250 if paid by cash/check).

*Subject to change based on team size.

There are also descriptions of the Swim Meet Work Assignments to help you understand each task. The total number of work assignments is dependent on the total number of families available and the total number of positions that need to be filled. This year we are giving parents an opportunity to select their work assignments via the team website.

Invitational and City Meet Work Assignments are not assigned to us until a week or two before the actual meet, therefore we do not know how many work assignments a family needs to work at these meets. We will take the amount of jobs and distribute the number evenly by the number of families that are working that meet. This may result in a family working more than one assignment, but the amount of time everyone works, should be equal.


If you are not able to find a replacement, please notify our Dual Meet Director prior to the meet. A work assignment deposit of $260.00 ($250 if paid by cash/check) is required as part of the total sign-up fees. Each missed work assignment will result in an adjustment to your deposit. If you do not timely sign up and perform a volunteer position before the end of the swim season, your work assignment deposit will be adjusted accordingly. A portion of the deposit will be withheld when work assignments and/or volunteer position are missed with no replacement provided by the family. Your check will be held and destroyed at the end of the season upon satisfactory completion of all parent work assignment obligations and volunteer position. This deposit should not be considered as a “pay instead of work” option.

During practices, parents and non-swimmers are to stay off the pool deck. Parents and non-swimmers may watch practices from the area next to the cabana club. Parents are to refrain from interrupting the coaches during practices or at meets.

*The minimum number of required points will be lowered if more families join

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