VDD Yankee Candle Fundraiser

    VDD Families, 

    Here is another opportunity to accumulate 2019 fundraising credit and to help our swim team! We will be selling Yankee Candles online through the end of November, and your family will make 40% of the sales back in fundraising credit.
    Please just visit www.yankeecandlefundraising.com and register as a seller with our group's sale# 999988184. Please note: Customers will pay shipping and tax directly to Yankee Candle Fundraising. Online orders are shipped directly to the address the customer provides. Online inventory changes frequently and does not always include the same items found in the paper catalog. They do not recommend taking orders on paper ahead of time to place online in the future as there is no guarantee that the items will be available.
    Once sellers are registered, they will be able to send invitations to their contacts via email, text and by posting to social media. *There is a free mobile app which will make the online selling process extremely easy!

    Brigitte Black

    Fundraising Coordinator

    (925) 768-1529 


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