Boys vs Girls HOME meet - Meet Program 6.9.18

    Happy Friday Dolphin Families!

    Tomorrow morning is our Boys vs Girls HOME meet. The details went out yesterday, but we have a few clarifications:

    • This meet runs in reverse order: Free Relay, Back, Fly, Breast, IM. There are NO medley relays. Final relay is a fun 6x25 graduated relay with swimmers from each age group in the same relay.
    • The meet programs are attached, but they do not include our kickboard swimmers.If your Mini Dolphin swimmer is not listed below and would like to swim the kickboard race, we will add a heat 2, so just notify me or the coaches. At this time, the kickboard race swimmers are as follows:

    Brielle Black - heat 1, lane 1

    Jack Chapman - heat 1, lane 2

    Pierce Heyman - heat 1, lane 3

    Gunnar Castro - heat 1, lane 4

    Massimo Reynoso - heat 1, lane 5

    See you all in the morning for set up! 

    Liz Despins

    Communications Director

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