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Incentives and Awards

Our BEST TIME program provides equal incentive to all swimmers regardless of ability. A record sheet is maintained for each swimmer throughout the season. Each swimmer will establish a base time in an individual event with their initial swim at our Time Trial swim meet. 

Every time a swimmer improves their time (faster than their previous “Best Time”), in that event, they will receive a BEST TIME RIBBON. 

Swimmers who earn 12 or 13 BEST TIMES will receive a Bronze Medal. 

Swimmers who earn 14 or 15 BEST TIMES will receive a Silver Medal. 

Swimmers who earn 16 or BEST TIMES will be awarded a Gold Medal at our Awards Ceremony.

We have an awards program that is designed to recognize all of our swimmers. Award categories have been established to honor our most accomplished swimmers and those swimmers that have demonstrated the qualities of good sportsmanship, hard work, cooperation and team spirit throughout the season. These awards are presented at the Awards Ceremony. All swimmers (except the 15/18 age group) will receive a participation trophy. Awards are given for boys and girls in each age group for each of the following award categories:


The swimmer that has earned the most points during the season.


The swimmer that has the best overall time improvement in all events.


Selected by the coaches and the coaches advisory committee.


Those swimmers that have achieved County-qualifying times in one or more events will receive a special plaque.


Each participating swimmer will receive this award (the 15/18 age group will receive this award only upon request).


See description above.


Teammates will vote for one boy and one girl for the whole team that inspired them during the season. This person exemplifies team spirit and cannot be part of the regular season coaching squad.

The Awards Night is the finale of the season and one of the best events put on by the swim team volunteers. We look forward to family participation and swimmers will be recognized for their individual efforts that have contributed to this outstanding VDD swim team!  

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