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  • Be on time to practices, lessons and meet warm-ups.
  • Give as much as you can on each swim, both in practices and at meets.
  • Respect and support your teammates and coaches, both in practices and at meets.
  • Show dedication to the program, to other swimmers, and to coaches.
  • Participate in team meetings and cheer before each meet.
  • Talk to the coaches before and after each swim.
  • Stay in the team area during meets and stay for the entire meet to cheer the team on.


  • Support your child throughout the season. Be positive!
  • Leave coaching to the coaches.
  • Don’t push your swimmer too hard to improve. Swimmers develop at different paces.
  • Reinforce the team philosophy and team rules.
  • Cheer and support other swimmers on the team, especially at the Invitational Meets.
  • Try to get your swimmer(s) to practices, lessons, and meets on time!
  • Monitor your swimmer(s) activities and behavior at swim meets.
  • If you have an 8 & Under swimmer(s), make sure you know what events they are swimming and make sure they get to the shepherds’ area on time before each event.
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