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Concord City Meet Invitational Championships

The Concord City Meet is one of the highlights of our swim season and our last swim meet before the County meet. It is scheduled for Friday, July 26th through Sunday, July 28th, 2019 (Friday is for swimmers entered in the Individual Medley). 

The meet is sponsored and organized by the Springwood Swim Club. . We are hoping for 100% participation from the team for these meets therefore you must sign out of this meet, otherwise your swimmer(s) will be signed up for this meet. 

If your swimmer is signed out for this meet, a last minute change cannot occur. 

Also, if your swimmer did not sign out of the meet but signed up for events and ended up as a “no show”, you may be charged the fee that was paid by the team for your swimmer to participate in this meet. This fee can be taken from your work assignment deposit. 

Mini Dolphins do not swim unless unless they have been invited and accepted to swim at the City Meet. 

Finally all swim team families are required to work this swim meet, even if your swimmer(s) has signed out of the meet or does not swim at the meet. 

City Meet Assignments are not assigned to us until a week or two before the actual meet, therefore we do not know how many work assignments a family needs to work at these meets. We will take the amount of jobs and distribute the number evenly by the number of families that are working that meet. This may result in a family working more than one assignment, but the amount of time everyone works, should be equal.

*Mini Dolphin only families will have to work the City Meet, if they have accepted to swim at the City Meet. 

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